Monday, March 08, 2010

Preemptive Romney Bashing

Courtesy of the Boston Herald:

The book is another step in Romney’s long metamorphosis from the moderate who dueled with Ted Kennedy in 1994 to fierce partisan warrior. He started out as a Republican many Massachusetts Democrats thought they could live with.

But he learned years ago that moderate will not cut it in Republican national politics; that’s when Massachusetts became a punch line for him.


True, he wasn’t much of a governor, health care excepted, but then, he didn’t really want the job. He wanted the title and the power, but sparring with some Senate president from East Boston was never part of the vision.

Now he is off on his unannounced campaign for president. (Any politician whose book tour takes him to Iowa and New Hampshire is running for president.)


But a campaign is coming, and he seems to be in it. At different times Romney has supported, then opposed, abortion rights; he’s been a moderate, a populist, a stalwart of the Religious Right, and a gun-control opponent. With many of those stances out of style, he is now an Obama-bashing hawk. Underneath all those labels is an ambitious and accomplished person. But Republican primary voters aren’t the only ones who have a hard time deciding what he stands for.

This mirrors an article from the Wall Street Journal during the 2008 primaries: WSJ on Romney: What convictions?

But a more humorous take on the guy championed as a "true conservative" by deluded conservatives obviously desperate and deluded came from the Democrats for Romney campaign in Michigan:

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