Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Primary Election Day 2010

Should be interesting. The GOP race has so many contenders with so many undecideds, I have no idea who might go on to the general. Hopefully Hynes can pull off a win and make sure that no matter who our choices are in November, Blago Chavez's running mate won't be among them.

The GOP Senate slot seems pretty well in Kirk's hands... but the Dem slot may end up with some guy whose resume for the job seems to be mostly about knowing Obama and a brief and token tenure as State Treasurer. Though not my preferred candidate, I'm kinda hoping Hoffman pulls off a squeaker so we at least have a guy who is qualified in the running, though I imagine Republicans would prefer the inexperienced Giannoulias to get in the fray.

Polls close at 7pm CST... hopefully we'll know by tonight what yahoos we'll have to sort through come November and campaigning over the summer during Blago Chavez's trial. Fun fun fun...

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