Monday, February 22, 2010

It Never Counts

No matter what you point out in the Bible that glaringly shows the horrors of the Christian god, it will never count in the eyes of the believer. This was illustrated quite nicely at the cafe over the past couple days. First was a clear-cut quote of their god taking responsibility for all of the awful things on top of the good stuff. This was deemed "out of context."

So the next day he posts the full chapter with links to the entire Bible on-line (with choice of translation/version!) which still got shot down straight away as for some greater good that non-believers couldn't see because they don't even want the truth!

Whatever it is, no matter how clear as day it may be, if the Bible repeatedly depicts a genocidal and repugnant god doing and ordering death and destruction, claims of Jesus being that same god and his statements that he came to fulfill the prophecies and the laws, not change them... it doesn't count. It's not just that any quote will be deemed "out of context"...

Worse! You have to know everything before, after, and you have to have accepted Jesus into your heart and you must have done so in the True Christian way, AND if you still think it makes god look bad, that’s just Satan at work.

But it could be worse. We could be dealing with Muslims...

Well that one’s even worse. If you’re reading it in anything but Arabic, it doesn’t count. Also if you aren’t reading it within the context of the valid hadiths, it doesn’t count. All of the above conditions still count too, except you have to believe that there is no god but allah and Muhammad is his prophet instead of the Jesus stuff.

Oh, and if you still think it makes allah or muhammad look bad, you’re an enemy of Islam and must be put to death.

Can you imagine people using such flimsy excuses for any other books, regardless of ideology, philosophy, or claims? It would be absolutely laughable. But in the realm of religious debate, these are used regularly by believers, and they walk away feeling as though they are the champions of defending their repugnant holy books, and the ocean of blood and suffering they described and ordered upon the world.

It's truly incredible.

Here's a flashy set of examples done up in full horror show fashion:

I didn't even particularly think many of the examples in this were all that great. There are far clearer ones advocating taking rape slaves as plunder, for example. Plenty of better examples of demanding the deaths of children and barbaric treatment of rule violators. There's always more though. There's a never ending reserve of horror in the Bible if one doesn't just skip to the parts they like, which I've found to be pretty typical in church sermons and "witnessing." The good news? Most of it makes unrepentant slasher flicks look reserved.

What little "good" may be derived from any particular passages are cherry picked to conform with modern morality and sold as if the Bible had intended that all along. Yet somehow the church leaders over two millennium lagged instead of led in such progress. It's almost as if they had no divine inspiration at all, and have been slowly kicking their actual bloody history under the rug over the centuries. This while always increasing their emphasis of the lovey dovey hippy nonsense that the Bible, IN CONTEXT, has very little to say about. Especially in comparison to killing violators and slaughtering and subjugating its enemies (and women).

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tildeb said...

Marc Hauser's work clearly reveals that morality precedes religious belief, which makes one wonder how the canard that morality derives from the bible or some other religious text maintains traction. Of particular interest to me is how do people allow their morality - their strong sense of compassion and acting on what is fair and reasonable - to become subservient to this mishmash of what we know is blatant immorality on a biblical scale?