Saturday, October 10, 2009

That's Gay!

Caught a link to this video about a recent trend in gangsta rap lingo and homophobia (not that homophobia is new to that particular scene, this is just one of the most recent incarnations) down the grapevine from one of my friends on the interwebs and found it worthy of sharing:

I thought it was a fairly clever use of humor to address one of the very real concerns in popular culture, which is unfortunately chock full of negative trends when it comes to gays. I dug for more and apparently this was the eighth installment of these web skits. The rest are available here.

Generally they all highlight some of the more pervasive popular culture treatment of gays and homosexuality and use humor to mock their intolerant attempts at "tolerance." If while watching them you start to notice some strange gay variants/parallels to things such as the "magical negro" meme, Hollywood's old fascination with excessively stereotyping Asian characters, de-minoritizing advertisements, "token" mentalities, etc... then you're not alone. Movies, television and other popular culture outlets have been pumping out insulting and downright bizarre displays of gay ignorance and intolerance for a while now.

The first episode on there was especially shocking. While watching it may become hard to distinguish whether these women are referring to a gay best friend or "man's best friend" as they vacuously ramble on about gays as if they were dogs or puppies:

Even knowing about this kind of mentality before watching it, it was still incredible to see it in it's full ignorant glory. "We need to get you a gay!" I mean, wow... just wow. The only thing missing was some nimrod asking whether you can adopt them down at the humane society along with other pets.

All the videos are worth the look-see, but if you're strapped for time I consider this video of de-gaying, subliminally gaying commercials, and of course outright plays to homophobia to be the one that rounds out my top 3 picks:

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Coyote said...

Bully & fair play, Glock!

Only complaint was that the music was horrible.

Totally agree with you on this homo.