Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caution: Objects in Mirror...

Holy megagun, batman!

While this is apparently some sort of oversized recreation of an AR-15, with various components exposed to show how it works, the captions used by CNN make no mention of this inconceivably large monstrosity as not being real. I can already imagine all sorts of folks wondering aloud, "Who in their right mind would need THAT?"

Indeed, outside of some over-sized mutant, few could probably even use something like that. But what's the intention of not at least making a comment that it isn't real for the audience? Scare tactics? Here's the actual caption:

Fearful that Obama's administration is quietly planning to introduce tough new restrictions on gun ownership and worried that the recession will trigger a crime wave, Americans are scrambling to stock up on guns and ammunition. (PHOTO CREDIT: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Are they intentionally hoping folks will assume that the gun above is real? Or are they naively assuming that their readers will be familiar enough with real firearms, to know that this is a mock up?

Regardless, the Obama administration wasn't "quiet" about its intention to ban guns, real ones like the AR-15 this is an over-sized mock up of, while on the campaign trail and support of other bans as well, including handgun bans. Handguns being more related to civilian self-defense against violent crime. Economic problems do, in fact, have a tendency of driving up violent crime rates while times of economic prosperity tend to drive them down.

Gun control laws restricting various firearms have typically come with "grandfather" clauses that avoid the Constitutional restriction of depriving property without due process by only applying to new purchases, transfers, etc as opposed to requiring cops come after guns people already own. If you enjoy shooting sports and competitions for rifle shooting, getting in to the gun shop to buy a nice AR-15 isn't all that absurd. Concerns about future bans could also encourage some to go ahead and buy that handgun for the home or shop, even if they were weighing the decision to do so before, they may feel the option could get too expensive due to regulation or be totally blocked in the future.

Of course collectors and dealers would want to get in before any ban. Bans cause prices to skyrocket for grandfathered firearms or accessories due to the severe constraints it has on supply.

Cafferty's blatant lie here, "However, President Obama has never said - as a candidate or as president - that he intends to push for a ban of gun sales." neglects Obama's support of handgun bans and strong support or renewing and extending the so-called "assault weapons" ban that mainly banned sales of guns on cosmetic reasons, not functional ones. Hence why many opponents still like to refer to it as the "scary looking" weapon ban. This blatant lie leads me to believe that the unexplained picture is an equal attempt at distortion.

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Paul in TN said...

I had the same reaction upon seeing this photo. The size of the trigger alone told me something wasn't quite right. This seems to be a growing trend in news AND in documentaries, using Photoshopped images or plain fakery to subliminally influence us.