Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama=Hitler LaRouche Cultists Strike Again

This is a follow up on a prior post of other LaRouche cultists invading the town hall protests with their signs and messages straight from the LaRouchePac website.

The first link I got of the Barney Frank / Obama=Hitler protester this morning was fairly long and didn't cut out the part where the woman admitted she was a LaRouche supporter. A quick look at wiki's or even LaRouche's website on the guy reveals he's neither a Republican, a conservative, a Democrat, or a liberal as much as a total nutcase, and anyone who supports him would have to be a little more than nutty to admit it publicly. Unfortunately this distinction wasn't mentioned in CNN's coverage, the Huffington Post's blog, or several of the other places mentioning it... which leaves many viewers, including many of my Obama supporting friends left to believe, once again that she was representative of your average Republican at one of these town hall events.

Here's that full(er) video:

If you missed it the first time, it was at roughly the 13:35 remaining mark. CNN's website includes, if you click for more pictures, yet another LaRouche supporter outside greeting Frank with an Obama=Hitler sign from the LaRouche website:

And the LA Times, while neglecting to mention anything about LaRouche or its supporters also included this picture of yet another LaRouche Obama=Hitler sign, that's a bit grainy, but you can make out the LaRouche on it if you blow it up or can find the original:

Sadly this will be yet another incident where some fringe group will be used by one side to generalize and demonize the other. A common tactic that seems to be bipartisan whenever it suits either side to do so. Sigh...

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