Thursday, August 06, 2009

Comic Relief: Quid Pro Quo

The Daily Show has pretty much the best summation of the Clinton rescue of our detained reporters, the absurd media reactions, and of course the partisan hypocrisy:

In the end there was almost certainly some sort of quid pro quo for this deal, but until we find out what (or if we find out), we'll never know if it was a necessary evil or a boneheaded move. For now both North Korea and our government are touting this as a diplomatic win for themselves, the reporters are free, and what comes of it will just have to remain to be seen.

More likely than not, however, this perceived diplomatic win by Kim Jong-il will mostly be used to ensure that any notions of potential rivals during the inevitable transition of power will be deterred. North Korean power plays for the last few decades are almost always more about domestic control than any actual move against adversaries, real or imagined, on the foreign front. This appears to be yet another game played and won in that pursuit.

Here's a good tip for any journalists planning to sneak into an authoritarian hell hole with a nasty reputation for using such situations for their foreign policy and domestic control gains... don't fucking get caught!

You hurt us.

You hurt the North Korean people by helping one of the most savage dynasties in our modern era consolidate their oppressive power over them.

Way to go! Criminey...

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