Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Veterans Checks by June 30th? [UPDATE]

-- UPDATE June 22nd @ 6:28 AM --

I just received my payment this morning and have an updated post on the subject here: Veterans Checks Being Sent Out

Original Post Below:

This is the most definitive thing I've seen so far on the checks and when Veterans can expect them from the recently updated recovery.gov webpage on the subject:

Previously I posted on the information available on the various government websites, including the one linked above that merely talked generally about June... sometime. Here's a snippet from that:

So far the only definitive information that has come out of all the speculation, rumors, and other comments is that a letter was sent out from the VA saying we should be receiving the checks in June... but the only time frame given beyond that is that if you don't receive anything by JULY 10th, then you should call and ask about it.

The other that appeared definitive has since fizzled. The Treasury noted June 9th as the "planned completion date" for the Veterans payments. A quick glance at the calendar and we can see that the agency charged with actually printing and distributing the money is quickly looking to have missed the target date.

So have they moved the goal posts? Are they getting out on a technicality? Or was that treasury document just not as clear as it should have been? Who knows. Nobody in the media seems interested enough to ask.

So now we wait again to see if they meet the new, or at least finally stated, deadline. And if they don't wait until July 10th for them to prepare for complaints (I'm sure the VA's 800 number phone monkeys are getting their "call back on..." scripts readied for them). Hopefully everything goes as well as it can for this.

It still seems very odd and extremely irritating to have veterans put last in line of these checks and then being left in the dark until the last minute until when exactly they should expect them. Even more odd is the absolute silence on the matter in the news about it for so long.

I guess with everything else with the VA... we'll wait and see. Perhaps the checks become null and void if we're declared dead before they arrive? Lordy...


Anonymous said...

I believe that the FMS of the department of the treasury sends them out on the day that you were born.

Glock21 said...

So far I haven't heard anything official on the order yet, and it doesn't appear to be sent out on your birthday... mine came much later than that and another guy with an earlier birthday than mine is still waiting on his.

I've also heard rumors that it'll be according to zip code, but nothing official again, and afaik many folks here in the same or lower local zip codes still haven't received theirs either, while others have.