Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Road Trip Pics: Canyons and Craters and More

Canyons! (In this case the Grand Canyon):

There's the Colorado River down there (my brother was jumping in it in earlier pictures up in Colorado where it was much smaller):

There were telescope units at this spot that said they'd work with your camera:

This is the picture I got from that:

My brother had better luck:

One of the hiking trails to the bottom:

Mules seemed to be the fastest/safest means of travel:

This was a nifty observation tower from the 30's with Native American art inside:

My brother took this shot because it humored him for some reason:

Canyon critters!

The crows out there were generally half-pterodactyl.

Craters! (this one being the Meteor Crater site off of I-40 in Arizona):

I was nerding out... my brother seemed less amused:

It r big! Contrast with the people on the overlook landing to the impossible to see replica of a 6 foot tall astronaut with full size flag at the very bottom (standing next to the fence... and yeah... I can't see him either).

My attempt at a panoramic shot (click to make larger):

Part of the space rock (mainly iron) that pulverized this little stretch of desert.

Sandia Crest (10,678ft)... an overlook for Albuquerque:

This radio tower near the top gave me a big worry... my car's electronic remote lock stopped working and had me trying to figure out how the hell to replace the batteries until my brother pointed out the sign that said the tower specifically interfered with such items. Whew!

Unfortunately the USGS marker on this one got vandalized or damaged... not much to see/read here:

My brother's favorite part was the humming birds with a view:

He was able to get them to land on his finger at the feeders:

And of course there were other critters roaming around out there:

Ted was mostly amused with the humming birds... who kept dive bombing ME every time he spooked them. Just not fair.

After one last pit stop with family in New Mexico we made the mad dash home. We left around noon and ted drove until just before sundown. I took the next shift and drove from sundown to sunrise (through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and past the Illinois border):

After a quick breakfast stop, my brother finished the last leg of the trip in record time. We were home by 9am.

Kicking ass and a half.

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Gnightgirl said...

Have thoroughly enjoyed the vacation pix, thanks for sharing. I'm stay-cationing this year, and living vicariously...