Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reality Check.

CBS and John Stewart. If just reading that makes you groan, I'll ask that you put your feelings on both aside for seven minutes, as the following clip is anything but the stereotype or status quo. In an interview with CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan on the Daily Show that's definitely worth the watch, regardless of how one feels about the war:

"Tired of hearing about the war."

Cue blood boiling.

Perhaps it's a good thing that "Issue #1" this year is how well some folks 401k's are doing. Perhaps it's a good thing that people's lives are going so well that Hollywood stories still seem to be getting the largest focus and interest. Perhaps.

For some it feels more like being stuck in 'Fahrenheit 451' as the most pressing and important issue, the war, gets little mention (beyond those character fighting it and those with loved ones in it), and is otherwise largely ignored by the grand story lines with little to no connection to it. Sometimes it feels like every scandal, high speed pursuit, celebrity trial, etc that pops up is just another variation of Guy Montag.

For others, "no news is good news," as they feel that the media is adhering far too strongly to the "if it bleeds, it reads" mantra of reporting.

Lara Logan's comments about what she has to fight through with the people who filter what actually gets to the viewers seems to confirm a bit of both perspectives.

We now return you to our coverage of whether Paula Abdul heard one song or two...

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