Monday, June 02, 2008


Opponents of Barack Obama are getting this strange vibe that the media is totally in the bag for Obama... like he was the 2nd coming or something...

The caption to this Reuters photo is "U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waits to speak in Aberdeen, South Dakota May 31, 2008. Obama said on Saturday he quit his Chicago church in the aftermath of inflammatory sermons that could become a lightning rod in the November election."

It really captured the essence of that moment... right before he ascended to heaven.

It's going to be a long summer...

(hat tip to redstate for the new obama logo)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Hi,
I'd like to know how the #politics channel you moderate can live with the cognitive dissonance associated with their claim of lack of bias, which is so glaringly untrue and absurd.


Glock21 said...

Take it up with the channel owners. I don't set policy, I just help moderate.

Barking up the wrong tree here.

Chris said...

You ban people for no reason.

Glock21 said...

Well in the last 24 hours I banned two people for 9/11 conspiracy theory trolling, one guy for violating the channels ban on excessive America bashing (specifically in this case calling all our troops terrorists among other inflammatory idiocy), and one for racism.

If you were among those being banned for "no reason" perhaps you just disagreed with the channel rule that was the reason behind your ban. If you have a problem with any of the channel rules or channel management, even by me, you'll probably have to be more specific if and when you take it up with the channel owners.

I'm pretty good about undoing bans, re-voicing, etc if someone asks politely and they feel I was being unfair... which does happen sometimes in the middle of a heated debate, or if I just happen to be in a bad mood and take things the wrong way.

I'm hardly infallible.

chris said...

So you are a 'constitutionalist' that wholly disagrees with the First Amendment?

That makes your credibility zero.

Perhaps you just like acting the big man with a gun? There's more to the Constitution and Bill of Rights than just being able to shoot at things.

Glock21 said...

I was unaware that the 1st Amendment prohibited the people from establishing their own moderated forums.

I think your views on Free Speech may be a bit too childish and simplistic to give you any solid ground to stand on to question the credibility of others.

At least it gives me a better idea of the mentality I'm dealing with though.

Just... wow.

Anonymous said...


Glock. You have a reputation for being an out of control moderator on #Politics.

It is so bad that people message newbies to warn them not to try to debate with you. They understand that if someone disagrees with you, you end up throwing your toys out of the pram like a baby and banning them.

You don't gain respect that way.

Glock21 said...

My jackboots toll for thee.

Anonymous said...

Original poster here,
My comment wasn't directed at glock specifically, just the general atmosphere, and a certain woman who is utterly disconnected with reality and is unwilling to hear arguments that counter her isolated beliefs. Like claiming "iraq was training terrorists to harm us", had she held her childish bullying slightly longer, she would have been bombarded with articles refuting that fabrication, sourced from our government directly. Glock is allright most of the time.