Monday, May 05, 2008

Skewed CBS/NYT Poll

One of these polls is not like the other:

...and not just with the skewed results... but with the sample size... that appears to be a third to half smaller than any of their recent polls, and even compared to other polling agencies.

Perhaps their results will be confirmed by other polls soon, but it seems highly unlikely since their results appear way way way off the mark even in comparison to polls of much larger samples during the same time period.

Given the timing and what seems to be an almost intentional limited sample to give skewed results, right before an important primary... it appears they may have been more interested in getting attention through sensationalism... which apparently worked given the coverage of the results in almost every other media outlet.

Fortunately the upcoming primary also means a slew of polling should be coming out today and tomorrow that can either expose this as dishonest polling for headlines, or confirm it as an almost unexplainable and titanic shift in public opinion. I'm putting my bets on dishonest polling myself.

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