Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wright and Wrong

I've posted a bunch of various thoughts on the Wright controversy and Obama's response to it. To organize all of that I'm going to post a general link on it from the beginning to this final flawed disowning of him:

  • Obama Smear Campaign: My first post defending Obama from smear campaign e-mails depicting his church as extremist.

  • Baracking up the Mistakes: Thoughts on the image and appearance issues and doubts brought up after the sermon clips were brought to light.

  • Hagee vs Wright: A comparison of Obama's pastor of two decades and a religious leader who endorsed McCain who got repudiated the next day.

  • Good News, Bad News for Obama: Up in the delegate count, but Obama's awareness of his pastor's 9/11 comments seems to have been well known long ago.

  • Obama: Wright is Wrong: Obama's speech on race leaves many hanging questions.

  • From Wright to Left: Per Obama's request, a post focused on the issues.

  • Obama on Imus and Huck on Wright: Contradictions between Obama's new tougher stance on his pastor's comments and his prior excuses. Also some hypocrisy when compared to his comments on the Imus incident and a criticism of Huckabee for defending Wright.

  • On Unity: A criticism on Obama's claims of being a uniter.

  • The Audacity to Misrepresent King: Obama's misrepresentation of Martin Luther King, Jr. to defend his candidacy that rips the quote in question out of context that contradicts his message.

  • Debate Doozies: Some flubs and distortions during the Pennsylvania debate.

  • Battle of the Spokesmen: Obama campaign's hypocritical attacks on McCain over the NC GOP's ad featuring Reverend Wright.

  • Wright Turn: Wright affirms his most controversial views and continues to imply that Obama is merely distancing himself out of political expediency.

  • Obama Disowns Wright: A criticism of Obama finally disowning Wright noting that he is doing so over comments that merely reiterated things that have been said in the past, not anything new, and seemingly confirming Wrights recent and past accusations he's doing so out of political expediency, not because he wants to.

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