Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chicago Olympics Protest?

As much as Mayor Daley's "summit" which is sure to find solutions in more expansive gun bans on the State and federal level, since they're obviously working so well in Chicago, and still ignore dealing with the poverty and blight that is creating environments where drug trafficking and organized street crime have moved in to compensate for the economic and security needs of communities in Chicago...

How about this. Instead of helping Daley and his boss Tweedy pals get rich by bringing the Olympics to Chicago while still leaving the South Side left to rot...

A 2016 Olympics protest and/or boycott for Chicago to host the games.

Throwing guns at the problem, including arming rank and file officers with fully automatic weapons, while further attempting to disarm the victims and creating a police state isn't the solution.

Work with the local communities to repair the damage, deal with the problems, and stop ignoring it and shooting it when it gets ugly.

Get rid of Daley... restore hope... deal with the problems.

Or no big Olympic bucks for you.

How do we organize this? Suggestions, comments, and complaints are welcome.

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