Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Takes Florida

Fox and CNN Call It: McCain

So yes, McCain can win in a closed GOP primary.

So yes, McCain can win among independents and crossover liberals/democrats.

So yes, McCain can win in November.

Race called with a little over 50% reporting with McCain up 4% and roughly 52,000 votes.

What a primary!
-- UPDATE 1:10 AM --
Florida Results at CNN:

And some interesting exit poll data also from CNN (Click image or here for larger image):

So we can learn that McCain matched Romney in Republican support, did well among conservatives, especially those describing themselves as somewhat conservative, though not horribly among those describing themselves as very conservative.

Amazingly enough McCain did the best with voters on the economy, the top issue among voters lately. The immigration issue where much of the anti-McCain rhetoric gets the most heated was the top issue for only 16% of voters... and McCain still managed to get 25% of their support, as well as 26% of those that would rather see illegals deported as opposed to temporary worker programs and paths to citizenship (the majority of voters).

Also interesting is that moderates and self-described somewhat conservatives made up the majority of the voters and McCain won over both groups even in a closed primary. And even though very conservative voters favored Romney generally, they also favored McCain and Huckabee (Rush's "RINOs") in nearly the same amount. The exit polls also show that Rudy's supporters were evenly split between McCain and Romney on their second choice whereas Huckabee's supporters favored McCain heavily as a second choice.

All good signs for not only a strong McCain momentum in the primary but a broad coalition of support for the General election.

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Jonathan said...

FL is a closed primary, so this could be an accurate indicator of how the GOP rank-and-file will vote.

and the rank-and-file chose McCain.