Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edwards: Ambulance Chasing to the End?

Okay... I've been confused on why Edwards thinks he has any chance, or what he could possibly be up to by staying in the race if he knows his campaign is doomed.

The Conspiracy Theory

My conspiratorial side was thinking that perhaps he's got wink/nudge deal with Hillary for the VP spot and he's trying to pull away support from Obama to that end. We all know he's been content with the VP spot in the past, even if not necessarily enthusiastically so.

He seemed fairly enthusiastic though.

What else were Edwards and Hillary whispering about when we weren't listening in?

Okay, okay, enough conspiracies...

The Ambulance Theory

My more rational side is thinking he's taking to his old ways of ambulance chasing the other two candidates. Some morbid hope that either Hillary's or Obama's campaign will collapse and he'll be able make a killing on their campaign's battered remains as the supporters look elsewhere.

Does he really offer anything that isn't totally covered either by Hillary's campaign or Obama's campaign? It doesn't seem so. But if one of them were gone he might be under the impression he could add a large portion of their supporters to his own. Perhaps he believes that the reason people haven't gone overwhelmingly to Hillary or Obama is that voters find something wrong with one or the other and they'll flock to a 3rd option... him... just to avoid that unfavorable quality.

Perhaps there's something else I'm overlooking? Beats me. South Carolina polls close in just a little over three hours... and I need some popcorn.

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Anonymous said...

Notice how Edwards attacks first Clinton and then Obama? I think what's he's hoping is they come to the convention with neither Clinton nor Obama having enough delegates to win without making a deal with him; for vice president (oh, horrors) or a cabinet post. If he stays in the race, he maybe has a chance to pick up a few more delegates and he puts his thumb on the scales to prevent either Clinton or Obama from running away with the nomination