Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Romney Flip-Flop

From the CNN Ticker:

(CNN) – Republican John McCain’s campaign responded to a statement by rival Mitt Romney that there was "no way" the Arizona senator could claim to be a candidate of change by sending reporters a 2002 quote in which he said McCain “has always represented change.”

“There’s no way that Sen. McCain is going to be able to come to New Hampshire and say that he’s the candidate that represents change — that he’ll change Washington. He is Washington,” Romney said on the campaign trail Friday.

Shortly afterwards, the McCain camp circulated comments Romney made when he was running for governor of Massachusetts more than five years ago.

“One of the reasons the people of America honor Sen. McCain and why I'm so proud to have him standing with me today is that he has brought American values to the debate on the issues we care about,” Romney said at the time. “He has always stood for reform and change.”

That's just precious.

In response to getting busted out again for flip-flopping and deception, the Romney campaign noted that John McCain described Romney as having "honesty and integrity" around the same time.

Is that evidence of a flip-flop too? Yes, for Romney... who is no longer exhibiting any signs of "honesty or integrity."

Pointing to McCain's description of Romney before and after Romney's flip-flops as being McCain's flip-flops is just absurd. Romney's problems with honesty are a newly discovered and growing problem as is detailed here and on/in CNN, Fox, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, Washington Post twice, Anderson Cooper, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The NH Union Leader, The Concord Monitor, and numerous other examples in these and other media outlets.

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