Saturday, October 06, 2007

Welcome Home Update

Drove down to Mattoon today to be part of the welcoming committee lining the streets. Had a double cheeseburger with everything from Burger King (not the chain, but the one that has the same name and has some awesome cheeseburgers) while waiting.

Broke out the big flag. Lots of people out but the parade route was really long and people were pretty spread out. We needed about another thousand folks to cover it properly... but what can you do?

I brought my camera but I was way too caught up in the moment to start acting like a tourist. The day was for the guys getting back home, not my blog. I have to say the whole experience was overwhelming. The "Patriot Guard" folks are an awesome bunch... nothing but thanks to them as well. There are no words to express the gratitude in helping to bring our men and women in uniform back home with respect and honor.

My hat off to those men and women in uniform as well... literally, today. And a hell of a lot of thanks to their families who endure the the dread and time apart that must only get worse with every passing day until they get back home.

Overwhelming, all of it. I can't wait for all of our guys to be back home.

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Gnightgirl said...

Gah, I missed this event, but just reading about it in Sunday's paper made me shake from emotion. I'm sure I would have been a MESS had I been there in person. Glad those guys & gals are home, and I can't wait either, till they ALL come home.