Thursday, June 14, 2007

Surge on the Surge

Well democrats are already claiming that the surge is a failure. In a letter to President Bush, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi explain how the surge is failing. Nobody is really surprised since they predicted it to fail before it ever began. A recently released report from the pentagon (available here) is speculated to be part of the basis for their renewed howls of defeat as it was released the same day the letter was sent to the President.

There's one problem though. The pentagon report makes clear that it is too early to make any determination on whether or not the surge is or will be effective in reducing some of the problems there. It notes some gains and some set backs but hardly amounts to the failure described in the letter.

Another major point in the report is that the surge hasn't even been put fully into operation yet with only 4 of the 5 planned brigades already in theater with the fifth planned to join in later this month. Not to mention the additional Iraqi brigades still being added to the surge forces as well.

Even if we disregard the Pentagon's claim that it would be premature to make any judgments on the success or failure of the surge thus far. Wouldn't common sense dictate that it would be premature to claim success or failure before the operation is even fully implemented?

The letter appears to claim that the increase in casualties is somehow an obvious sign of failure, but considering that the operation involves adding more troops and taking a more aggressive stance an increase in casualties appears to have been inevitable, no matter how much it pains us to see. They also say the results show that violence hasn't been effectively reduced yet, but it's hard to look at the results of something still in progress.

This declaration of defeat is just another in a long line of premature and irresponsible rhetoric by Reid. Specifically his comments earlier this year on how "The Iraqi war is hopeless and the situation in Iraq is the same as it was in Vietnam." The comparison to Vietnam as I pointed out was pure politics and particularly irresponsible as it became fodder for enemy propagandists.

I'd recommend reading through the report for a bit more realistic evaluation of the current status in Iraq. It may have some inherent bias, but it's far more grounded in reality than this "reality based" yahoo giving us al-Qaeda's view on the situation. It's certainly not all rainbows and bliss and the report makes that clear.

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