Thursday, May 10, 2007

F*** you, you white punk!

As a life long defender of civil rights and liberties these words just ticked me off.

I don't get it, I don't understand it, and I sure as hell will never see how people can be so vile based on someone's skin color. I don't care if you're white, black, brown or whatever, this kind of talk is just absurd in our modern era.

The hatred that still exists in the uneducated mass of whites and blacks alike is truly frightening. How a young man even today can still grow up to despise someone because of their skin color, even someone who should absolutely be aware of what racism can do to a society, is just more than disturbing. It helps create a sense of doubt that we will ever truly overcome. And it makes me hesitant to claim we've made much if any progress in my own lifetime.

Meanwhile people continue to self-segregate on the bus, at the cafeteria, and even where they live to such a degree that anti-segregationist policies fail miserably. Honestly, people, what in the Sam Hell are people teaching their children so that we maintain such a segregated and racist society? It's obviously not just whites here either. And that's what makes it truly screwed up.

I'm shocked, disgusted, and truly insulted. Did Rosa Parks go to jail so you could still sit in the back of the bus voluntarily away from the white people? Did Martin Luther King, Jr. dream of world where you would hate others because they had less skin pigment than you? Did the fact that white people volunteered to put themselves in harms way to oppose the racist views and policies of other whites mean absolutely nothing to you?

Racist minorities are no better than the scumbags that were part of racism of the past. Same BS, different day. Period.

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